The pierced lip grins and the infamous 'uh huh' is the typical response we get after spilling the beans What? Building a tiny house and off grid homestead in the woods isn't something that everyone wants to do? Apparently not! In fact, we are used to the reactions and disbelief on their faces because we've already come out that we are homeschooling hah!
about our journey.

Almost everyone wants to know why, they wonder how our family will all live in a small home and after a long discussion, the convo is complete with a polite 'good for you'.. Like our goals and dreams are just that and it won't actually happen. If they were to understand our reasons for why we want to live this way, they may consider this lifestyle themselves, only, in bigger houses.

Living in small spaces has become very trendy and is becoming more and more popular. Although
some of these micro homes are comparable to a shoe box, we want to live small, but not micro. Our home will be 16'x20' and will be 1.5 stories high. It is small, but very similar to how the Pioneers lived with larger families. And really, my children are never more than 10 feet from my side anyway! Living in smaller spaces with your family creates tighter bonds and open lines of communication for a healthier family, and we believe this is how families will thrive.

We already have downsized from 1300 square feet to approximately 700. Going smaller wouldn't have much of an effect on our lives right now. We taped the floor to measure out how large our home would be inside of our small apartment, and it's about half of it, and the rest of the space is only used to sleep or is wasted closet space. You can begin to understand how living in a home this size is completely doable with some well placed and multi-purpose furniture.

Building a smaller house is cheap and environmentally friendly! With our single income lifestyle, purchasing a larger home in town without accumulating debt, just isn't possible. With the opportunity to create our own power and collect our own water, we will also be reducing our carbon footprint and saving more cash to allow us to work from home. No worries though, we will still have access to Netflix and the internet, what else does one really need?

Food. One would need food! Which brings us to why we want to be homesteaders. Do you know where your dinner came from? Probably not. Growing and raising our own food is something I have come to be very passionate about. Knowing that the animals we choose to eat have had a happy and humane life before making it to our table is called accountability! I don't need my source of nutrition to be trucked or flown on a plane to me, I have the skills to grow most of it myself {or so I hope}! Gardening and all of the necessary homesteading skills are things we want our children to learn and use in their adult lives as well. We want them to be surrounded by delicious farm fresh foods and to learn how to be held accountable for their impact on the environment. After all, when we leave this earth, it will be theirs to take care of.

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  1. Hi Lisa! I am so glad I came upon your blog. Our thoughts are very similar. My husband and I have been married 30 years. We have five children from the age of 26 to 14 and two little grandsons. We have been a foster family for over 15 years, which was our ministry to others. But in being involved so closely with these children and the issues that create the situation they are coming from, we really felt that it was up to us to get back to the simplistic ways that really are the foundation to a healthy life. Downsizing has been a spiritual thing for us as well, giving up the things that we really do not need, just have because of want! We are fortunate I inherited 16 acres and was raised on a large farm, so I have an idea of what we are looking at. We have sold our big house and are now looking for a rental, then onto the build. I am really looking forward to follow you on your journey as we move forward as well. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

    1. By the way I would love to hear from you or anyone else on off-grid homesteading. My name is Monica Davis and my email is davis.mom@hotmail.com Thanks.

    2. Wow! It sounds like you are on amazing journey yourself! And with 16 acres, there is so much you could do! Best wishes and good luck in your endeavors, and thank you for reading! We appreciate every reader and subscriber!