The Petite Plantation Origin

Why did we choose 'The Petite Plantation'?

The name 'The Petite Plantation' is actually quite fitting for our homestead. It all started with our hilarious and clever neice with a mild obsession for words the begin with P, or as we have named them; P-words. She can perfectly produce a particularly prolific sentence of 'P-words'! {That one is just for you!} 

Entertained, I agreed the name of our homestead needed to have catchy P-words to maintain our inside joke. We swiftly came up with The Petite Plantation! 

'Petite' works perfectly, particularly because we are a bilingual family AND because building a tiny house is part of our plan, but mainly, it's a word that begins with P. 

'Plantation' is just another word for homestead and it also starts with a P, and we were naming a homestead hah!

So, that is how we named our homestead! For a while we were using 'The Rising Ranch' when I felt the need to use an alias to protect my family's privacy while blogging about our journey and experiences. After some time in the dark, so to speak, I have chosen to be me, cause I'm pretty marvellous!

What is the name of your homestead & why did you choose it!?

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