Benefits of living in smaller spaces!

There are many benefits of living in smaller homes, and with our world population growing around 350,000 people each day, it is time we take action and start thinking about how we live every day and make more responsible choices. There has been an explosion of tiny homes in the world and we are a part of the movement. The home will be building is 16'x20' which may not be tiny as defined by people who live in 100 square feet but for a family of 4, that's tiny enough!

Houses these days are build bigger requiring more materials to build and more cash to purchase them. And, currently most families only spend a handful of waking hours together in these houses, but separately, with walls between them. Seriously, what's the point? 

I could rant on about our society's twisted sense of success where the reward is paying off a mortgage for the next 30 years or I could just name the benefits of living in small spaces.

It costs less to heat a smaller home or to keep it cool. In few parts of the world this may not be a problem but where we are in the Great White North (aka Canada), keeping warm in the winter months is a must. More square footage means it uses more energy to keep warm, whether you are actually using all the space or not.

Smaller homes tend to cost less to build and are more affordable to purchase. We plan to build a small cabin, or home for less than $10,000. Subscribe to our newsletter and see if we actually do it!

Because you are saving money, you can spend it on a statement or quality piece of furniture.
 You are able to spend your earnings on important valuable items rather than heating empty bedrooms.

You can sweep all your floors A LOT faster. Okay, so this may not be a reason to sell your family home to live smaller but it definitely is a perk of have less floors.

Less windows to wash.

Forced to spend time with your family and create a stronger bond. Learn more about each other!

Can find your children faster when they are suspiciously quiet. Suspicious silence, ya'll know what I am talking about! Remember when your mother would yell from the other room knowing you were doing something wrong even though she couldn't actually see you? Yea, houses were built smaller back then.

You can afford fresh flowers and candles to provide atmosphere you desire. Because you aren't house poor, you can afford these things. Spoil yourself!

Save money when shopping, you can't bring much home if you have no place to put it.

It is easier to find the remote, or cell phone.

Living debt-free or mortgage-free can actually be a reality!

Smaller furniture tends to cost less to purchase.

Teaches gratitude for what you have.

Can be ecologically friendly because building smaller homes requires less materials.

  Do you live in a small space?
What is your main benefit from living in a smaller space?
Comment below!