Hanging clothes on the line!

Ahh, now there is a line I love to say.. No, really, I love to hang our clothing out to dry, it's free, a calming experience, perfect for our minimal lifestyle! I find it relaxing, gratifying and quiet, and with a full house of boys, I need a little quiet every once in a while. I love hanging my clothes on the line so
much that I think I have perfected it, *huffs on nails*. Okay, so now I may be bragging, but here are my amazing tips!
Check the weather and start early! Unexpected rain could ruin the fresh smell of your clothing and that's a real shame! Start your clothes early in the day so there is plenty of time to dry. Clothes can also dry on the line on sunny, breezy, winter days too!
Do laundry before it piles up. With a family of four, that's almost everyday, but it beats doing it all in one day and running out of room on the line with a basket full of damp clothing.
Wash the heavy items first. When you wash your jeans and heavy sweaters first, you can hang them first, in turn, having more time to dry.
Hang clothes in groups of who wears them. Hang all of Dad's items together, then move onto your own, then onto kid number one and so on. When you take them down and as you fold and place them in the basket, they will already be organised in piles to be put away.
Fold directly off the line. If you are already taking them down, might as well fold them before placing in the basket.
Skip the softener. The gentle breeze will slap the wrinkles and stiffness out of your clothing so there is no need for softener. Softener can also leave residue on the clothing, building up over time. Better yet, try soap nuts to see how soft they leave your clothing!
Put the clothesline in the right spot. Be sure to place your clothesline in a sunny, breezy location. If the line is under a tree, your clothes may become victim to bird droppings, bugs and sap and they may take longer to dry.
Prevent fading. Turn your bright or dark colored clothing inside out to prevent fading.
Keep your whites bright. By leaving your white towels and bedsheets on the line, you are keeping them white by bleaching them with the suns rays.
If you don't have room for a clothesline, there are smaller folding designs for balconies or inside your home.
Hanging your clothes inside your wood burning home can help add moisture back into the air.
Use wood or bamboo clothespins, plastic will degrade over time and your clothes may end up on the ground an dirty again!

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