Things to consider when purchasing your homesteading land!

When searching for land for your homestead, there are more things to consider than the amount of land for your hard earned dollar. Although the process is very exciting, it can be very stressful and challenging if you aren't sure what you need to know before purchasing the land you plan to live off of. We have compiled a list of things we thought about while looking for our homesteading land for our off grid cabin.

How much land do you want and what do you plan to use it for? 
Determining the amount of land or acres you are looking to purchase and the amount you want to spend is your first step. What is too small for your dreams and what is too much to handle? Consider what kind of animals and crops you plan to raise, room and length of fencing needed for each. If you are planning a smaller, more manageable homestead while working elsewhere to bring in an income, how small is too small, and how close do you want any neighbours? Try visiting friends or family and visualize the size of their property and what looks to big and too small, for the longest time I could not picture how big just one acre was compared to 10 acres.
Where do you want to live and how far do you want to drive for butter? 
If you are purchasing land for a homestead, chances are you will be buying in a rural area. Consider how far "in the sticks" you want to be. Do you want to be off-gird and secluded completely from neighbours and street traffic, or still 25 kms to a small grocery store for toilet paper, or a city for big-box convenience? Is road traffic in front of your homestead essential for a road-side produce stand, or a hazard for small children. Also consider zoning if you want to raise livestock, have a roadside fruit stand or want to keep distance between you and any future subdivisions.
How connected do you want to be to the outside world? 
Do you plan to be connected to power, water and sewer, or gas and what would be the cost to have it run into the land you are thinking of purchasing? Consider the cost of having poles for electricity put on the land and to your home and the distance you will have to pay for. Will you drill a well or will you be connected to city water. Will you need high-speed connectivity or will satellite do the trick. Most households no longer use land line phones, but ensure your cell phones receive a signal.
Will your homestead rely on black gold? 
Look at the land and ground condition for gardening or building a home. Depending on your plans, you may need a lot of fertile land to grow, do you require a treed lot to heat your home in the winter, or empty plains for raising cattle or growing grain. Do you need a pond, stream or brook and consider where they are in terms of safety and spring flooding.

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