The Plan

Welcome to our dream and how we plan to accomplish it! I thought I would take some time to fill what our actual plan is, and to give you a little details on how we plan to accomplish our goals towards our self-sufficient off-grid minimalist tiny homestead (boy, that's a mouthful!). This post will be ever changing meaning once we have accomplished something, it will be checked off!

We are going to:

✔ Sell our second car and learn to live with one car!

✔ Pay off our car! {YAY}

✔ Downsize to a smaller living space! We moved from a 1300 square foot home to a 700 square foot (approx) apartment, leaving us with very little "Stuff" to put in our tiny house. Now, as winter and snow mountains approach (nervous chuckle), our goal is to continue to plan our homestead and to plan our plan hah.

Save a large amount of cash, working throughout winter, to purchase a piece of land 5 to 10 acres without taking on any additional debt. We are aiming for spring and are desperately holding onto the dream, but in reality, it will be fall or the following spring.

✔ Switching to biodegradable and environmentally friendly products like body wash, shampoo, soaps, toothpaste, cleaners and laundry soaps. Why? We are going to have a grey-water system and chemically filled products are a no no.

✔ Learning to live without a second car, satellite or cable, a brand new fancy car and three different kinds of blenders. Why? We want to live off the land and make enough money from it, eventually we will not have to seek outside employment, so not having these items help us lower our power consumption and to live with out excess, the simple life!

✔ Canning our own sauces, vegetables, pickles and jams.

✔ Learn to make the staples we need like bread, bagels, mayo, yogurt and more!

✔ Learn to cook with cast iron so we are able to cook on the wood stove or outdoor grill because we won't have a conventional energy consuming stove.

✔ Experimenting with recipes so we can expand our vegetable palette for when we are growing all of our own food.

✔ Mastering Handicrafts such as sewing, and crocheting to earn income and to help clothe the children. Why? I want to have something to do on stormy winter days and it is an excellent way to earn a little cash from our homestead!

✔ Build a compost pile!

✔ Grow some of our own food to get a good feel of vegetable gardening.

(UPDATE) Pause the Plan! 

Recently we have been so busy just trying to keep up in this world, we have lots momentum and have become discouraged. We've experienced job loss, family illness which called us across the country twice, car trouble and we feel deflated. 

Ultimately, homesteading, living tiny is all a part of the plan but we are hoping to squeeze in some family travel before purchasing the land.

Once the land is purchased:

✔ Bathroom and indoor composting toilet! We've already built it, check it out!

Build our eco-friendly, classy and welcoming outhouse with recycled and salvage materials, add a small rain-catchment system for handwashing.

Start a building our 16'x20' cabin! We immediately want to start collecting rainwater for bathing, we haven't agreed which should go up first, but if we have collected enough materials, we will begin framing and roofing the house to harvest water.

Harvesting water is right up there, in terms of "need" with building an outhouse!

Clearing the land and any brush and make way for buildings ie. greenhouse, chicken coop, tiny house, sheds.

Amend the soil, tilling, black tarp, whatever is necessary to start to grow in a garden!

Create a compost pile.

Our other goals for the homestead include :

Rain Harvesting & Filtering our DIY system for our drinking and showering water and...

Grey-water system do-it-yourself installation that will take water, used harvested rain water, shower and sink waste outside to be "cleaned" in reed beds for use in the garden and duck pond.

Building a Greenhouse and cold frames to grow as much of our own food as possible while using our grey-water.

Solar power system installation to power our home and remain off-grid.

Finishing the Interior of our home with reclaimed materials, this will most likely happen throughout the winter when we have first moved in.

Raising Animals for food including chickens and ducks.

✔ Start earning money from our homestead which you can read more about here.

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