Saving Beans for Seed

If you are following our blog you are probably seeking self reliance like ourselves. One of the easiest ways to become self reliant in the garden is to seed save! It is one of my garden goals to save as much as my own seeds, including beans for seed. In fact, I planted a special patch of heirloom Green Bush Beans just so I can seed save!

Easy Zucchini Bread Recipe

Today I am going to share my zucchini bread recipe and why it is the best zucchini bread recipe out there!

Seed Saving

Seed saving is an ancient tradition of gathering seeds is making a comeback in a world where homesteaders are everywhere. Even urban homesteaders, like myself and apartment homesteaders are catching on to the trend of growing or raising their own food among many other money saving vintage skills, in addition to seed saving.

Homesteading Hobbies to Reduce Stress

Like many others these days, I suffer from anxiety. And it isn't any easier living 'the simple life' as a homesteader and homeschooler. There are still a ton of things that need to be done everyday and a lot of pressure as the only person responsible for educating my children.

DIY Seed Bank

This is my first year vegetable gardening and I am blown away! It just amazes me when you throw this little defenseless seed into the ground and it produces mountains of fresh organic produce and the best part is it is practically free! More so if you are saving those seeds or leftover seeds which is one reason why I created my own little seed bank!

Simply Live: What is Minimalism?

Minimalism has been made very trendy lately on social media, focusing on how little stuff someone can live their life with, how empty your home can be while still functional. With "Collect moments, not things" as a social media slogan for all things 'minimal' we can see why many believe this. However, minimalism isn't just about how many possessions you choose to keep in your life or your space.

Sterotypically, when we think of a minimalist, we imagine a simply clothed person in a home with bare white walls and only the functional furniture, but minimalism is SO much more than a fashion or a interior design style. Although, for many minimalists with a large following on Instagram, this stereotype hits the nail on the head.

But, minimalism is not only getting rid of the unnecessary or distracting things you don't need, {Remember our distracted mother in the first part of the series? Read here} but choosing how to spend your time in the most interesting and important parts of your life. And you get to choose how you do it! Whether this is a piece of furniture filling a corner in your living room you decide to remove or a weekly commitment to book club for a book you just don't want to read, it's up to you.

This is your minimalist journey, a page in your book and you need to write yourself. Sure an uncluttered home can reduce stress, relax your senses and goes a long way in helping you find yourself, not stuff. It can effect your whole living; soul, your body, your mind.

So what is minimalism to you? Why are you here and what do you want to accomplish? Are you tired of cleaning up the same junk drawer or are you completely stressed out by all the extra-curricular activities?

If you are interested in learning more about minimalism and living a simpler lifestyle, sign up for our email workshop to help you make healthy changes in your life and your home. You will be given the tools, and a handy worksheet to help you discover what you are looking for in minimalism, what you plan to accomplish and how to simplify your life so you can Simply Live.

Simply Live: Minimalism Series

Welcome to our Simply Live Minimalism Workshop!

Opening your exhausted eyes thirteen minutes before your alarm is going to go off seems like a regular occurrence. You are no where near ready to actually get out of the warm bed after the six restful hours you managed to accomplish last night. Instinctively, you reach over to the night stand and pick up the phone, which has been lighting up the bedroom all night.

You start checking the red notifications on each of the apps, the adorable photo you uploaded to Facebook last night of the kids in the bath got 23 likes, 17 on Instagram, and your girlfriend sent you 3 pins on Pinterest for her upcoming wedding which you really need to devote more of your time and friendship too. Overwhelmed, you check the weather which is letting you now it may or may not rain during soccer practice this evening. Wonderful.

Your alarm starts buzzing, and consider changing the tone to something more pleasant. You take off to the bathroom to get ready for the day, rushing through your self care routine so you have time to actually eat something before leaving the house today. Meanwhile, your children start making their way to the kitchen for breakfast, bickering over lost toys and Legos left on the floor. 

Every one is up and in the hub of the house. Lunches may have been made last night but your youngest has lost his shoe, and the oldest has lost her earphones. You plead with them to take better care of their stuff, to hurry up and find it, reminding them of soccer practice tonight and discuss alternate plans for the little soccer player in the case it actually rains. No one can agree, so in defeat, you start screaming throughout the house, "Don't forget.." "Come one, we're gonna be late!" and finish getting ready.

Finally you all make your way out the door, you glance back at the literal mountain of clothing on the sofa, the kitchen counter which is littered with an empty milk carton, dirty bowls, spoons and banana peels. You're going to be late. Slamming the door and mutter under your breath "I'll clean it when I get home." but you're thinking, 'I need help.'

This morning scene is common throughout North America. Families are spending more time getting ready for their lives without having time to experience it. Mothers feel defeat and guilt for not having it all together, not spending enough time with their children or the time spent isn't of the best quality. 

Minimalism may be what this mom needs. 

In our Simply Live series on minimalism, we will show you what a minimalist lifestyle is and what it can do for your family, your home and your sanity. We'll show you how to accomplish serenity and balance in the home so you can start living your life rather than getting ready for it. We will give you the knowledge, tips, tricks and checklists to refer to! To start your minimalism story, sign up here.

Toothpaste Recipe

One of our goals as minimalist homesteaders is to simplify our beauty and self-care routine and limit the amount of  beauty products in our home. About a year ago we began making our own toothpaste with simple ingredients. We really enjoy it, and when we run out and have to used the store bought stuff we can feel and see the difference.

Now, I am not a dentist! In fact, I stopped seeing the dentist as a teen after countless visits that left me with a killer migraine, vomiting on the street, before I could make the short 15 minute walk home.

With absent parents, I never figured out why this continued to happen during dentist visits but as soon as I had a say in the matter, I never visited the dentist again! And guess what, I still have all my teeth!

But, use this recipe, and any advice found on this blog, at your own risk!

Baking Soda is great for whitening teeth, removing stains, and has antimicrobial properties, this is the reason why it is found in many store bought toothpastes.

Coconut oil is great from improving the health of your gums and has antibacterial properties.

Bentonite Clay's binding qualities and Peppermint Essential Oil's antibacterial properties make them a great addition to your tooth care.

This toothpaste recipe is a great for whitening our teeth and it helps us to prevent cavities with out the use of chemicals!

Toothpaste Recipe

6 tbsp warmed coconut oil
2 tbsp baking soda
2 tsp bentonite clay
30 drops of peppermint essential oil

Method: Simply combine all ingredients into a glass resealable container with a wooden spoon. Using a metal spoon with neutralize the binding properties of the clay.